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Dear sir,
The bellow table shows our plan for upcoming days. Basically, we covered all possible promotional parts which are best used as Amazon product promotion. The ‘TO DO’ list is set according to our vast experience and our highly skilled Amazon professionals. The breakdown of our plans given below:

Listing Optimization
Search terms

Listing Optimization:
Title: Amazon itself has some ideal guidelines for listings. Our made titles are best fits with Amazon guideline so that it’s treated by Amazon as good listings which results in a good ranking.
Bullets: Bullets are the basic features of listings. It has to be keyword optimized. At the same time covers all the basic attributes of the product so that customers can see the attributes at glance.
Descriptions: Description is basically an elaboration of bullets as well as generating new values of listings. Actually, it’s for customers who want depth analysis of products.
Search terms: Search terms are another critical part of listing optimization. Without Proper search terms, Amazon AI hardly finds a listing.
Image: online products can’t be tested as good or bad unless customers have it on their hands. What they see is only images before buying. Our expert image editors will set best-fit images for your listings and keep updating those images for the time being.
EBC: Enhancing Brand Contents is one of the critical things for sales. A well-organized image tells all the stories to customers. And we have experts who are preparing A+ EBC content for our successful clients.

PPC management:
PPC: PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It’s another highly used promotional tool for increasing sales on amazon. You have to be always very much active to bring max outcome from PPC.
Keyword Research: For creating PPC with the best outcome we shall research top selling keywords. We use different paid tools, statistical reports; analyze the buying behavior of potential customers to set keywords for PPC.
PPC Optimization: Our set PPC shall be optimized with the keyword analyzed by our skilled personnel.
PPC Maintenance: Not only setting things up, but we shall also maintain it and shuffle it frequently so that we can cope with the trends. Social media campaign

To ensure market dominance only on-page promotion never the last thing to be done. We have separate wings for social media campaigns like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, tumbler, etc.
Paid Campaign: paid campaigns to include All types of external traffic enhancing by applying different contents like articles, images, logos, cartoons, etc. And all will be on a paid platform.
Free campaign: free campaign also includes separate things but free no posting fees like free boosting.

Review management:
We have our own review management team that manages highly convincing positive reviews on listings. Products having good positive reviews have a high conversion rate. On market maximum review agents are spammers. They simply take charge and disappear. But we are providing you the authentic verified Amazon reviews. In the meantime when negative reviews appear on the front review page we replace those with a short time with existing positive reviews. So, your front review pages remain positive all time.

Helpful Vote:
We post helpful votes on positive reviews so that reviews look more authentic as well as convincing. Helpful votes insist customers buy the product frequently.

Duties and responsibilities of first-party (Seller Instructor):
The first party will perform and maintain most of the promotional activities. They will monitor the activities like PPC campaign, competitor analysis, inventory analysis, Off and On-page optimization social campaigns, and many more. For doing so they need the access of,
1. Advertising
2. Inventory
3.Order of Second Party’s store.

Duties and responsibilities of Second Party (Client):
Second-party need to cooperate with first-party regarding communication. Second-party shall bear the expense of PPC campaigns and Verified purchase reviews. The first party will monitor these and make plans and implement the ideas so that the second party gets the maximum output which means sales growth.

Project Timeline:
Project charge:

Who we are and what we do:
Our all operations are all in general 100% organic and seller-friendly. ‘SPAMMING’ the word we hate. And that’s the reason we have hundreds of successful clients. In a word, we perform A to Z tasks related to promotions like competitor analysis, market trend, buyer’s behavior, etc. We use different matrices, mathematical analysis while performing our tasks so that our clients get maximum output in reality. we communicate with clients most frequently so that both parties always keep in touch and nothing missed from both sides. We are 100% transparent and we remain that.

So these are only brief task descriptions of our plans which are setting for you. Besides these, we have more that are highly confidential and can’t be disclosed right now because of our business policy. But in a word we can tell you, we shall do whatever suits best for you to grow your business. We always treat our client’s business as us. That’s the reason behind our team’s success. That’s why our clients are dominating Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more.

We communicate regularly with our clients, and are available 7 days a week!

NOTE: If you have any further Questions never hesitate to drop us a message.
Kindly contact us before placing an order.

Skype ID: lovelen75
WhatsApp: +12484684881


Thank You


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